Optical LensServices
Come into one of our LifeLine Repair locations to fix your lens today!

A Class Service of Optical Lenses

All wide range, Prime series lens, Tele-Photo zoom lenses will give best Service.

  • Fungus cleaning
  • Image sharpness
  • Auto Focus (Motor) issues
  • Zooming Malfunction
  • Gripper Replacement
  • Aperture Malfuction
  • Drone Services
  • We all know that things happen when flying your drone. The wind picks up and pushes it into a tree. Prop not fully tighten and down she comes. You get more comfortable with flying and want to test our your acrobatic skills. Stories like this and more can result in broken gimbals, lost propellers, cracked outer shells. When (not if) this happens to you, call LifeLine Drone Repair and have your drone fixed right.

    You Will Love It.

    Were We Expert

    Battery Replacement

    Flux Replacement

    Camera / Flux Replacement & Calibration

    Firmware Upgrade

    ABS Plastic Fabriction

    Logic Board Repair

    Gimbal Gear Replacement & Calibration

    Propeller & Motor Replacement

    Our equipped instruments for Service

    • We are using paper for cleaning - imported from japan.
    • Solution grade liquid used for cleaning.
    • Tool Bosch electric screw driver Go2 for assembly and dis assembly.
    • Linzer American imported brush for smooth cleaning the external parts.
    • ESD Protected area for handling the electonic parts for static safety.
    • Fluke multimeter and oscilloscope multimeter for testing components in Mother board.
    • Rapid Testing Units.