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We provide expert inspection services for your organization’s mission critical assets using latest technology.

We are doing service for all Brands especially Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and all Models.

You Will Love It.

Highlights of our service products

Mirrorless Camera

DSLR Camera's

Video Camera


LED Video Wall Display


Compact Series


Studio Lights


All types of camera related complaints error:

  • SD Card and CF Card issues
  • Image Sharpness and clarity
  • Lens Auto Focus issues
  • General Service
  • Dust cleaning
  • Image Sensor cleaning
  • Fungus cleaning done here
Test Lab

Visit Service Desk

This service includes a complete inspection of your aircraft to determine any issues and needed fixes. Once the inspection is complete our technical team will contact you and give you an estimate of repair cost and needed parts.

Keep checkup general service sensor cleaning at free of cost on every year July. For studio people's every year aadi month will do free checkup and general cleaning.

Vasudevan - CEO Icare

Our Work Flow

  • General clean with disinfectant cleaning solution for COVID - 19 on before and after repair
  • General inspection (if not found any fault will return back)
  • Initial inspection and Estimation
  • Service Order booking and update time of delivery
  • Inspect product over cross checking with our testing camera and lens
  • Proceed for repair
  • Adjustments and final inspection (Switches)keep observation for part replace
  • Update customer and given for delivery
  • Process billing and gave sugession for repair not appear in future
  • Happy call to customer after a week
What it's cover

All time General Cleaning and Software Update on free of cost.

  • General cleaning (Extrenal Cleaning)
  • Image Sensor Cleaning (if required)
  • Lens front and rear cleaning.
  • View finder cleaning (Externaly)
  • Firmware update(if found outdated) not preferable for sigma and Tamron lens users
  • Free estimation or quote if found any repair
  • Camera Shutter Count
  • Camera Quality and clarity inspection
  • functional Settings update as per requirement